Name: Dason Kurkiewicz


Dason and Kelley

About Me

I used to be a graduate student studying Statistics at Iowa State University. I am currently a data scientist working at PwC. I love R and Linux. I have been happily married since April of 2011. I have a beagle named Luna and I’m sure she loves you.


I grew up in Lake Mills, WI. I did my undergrad at Winona State University where I majored in both Mathematics and Statistics and did a minor in Computer Science. I guess I’m a nerd.

I enjoy programming in R. You can browse some of the projects I’ve been working on at my github page. I am also active at stackoverflow and mostly answer questions related to the [r] tag (but occasionally am able to answer a [knitr] question before Yihui is able to sneak in and answer it).

Areas of Interest

  • Microarray experiments and Next-Generation Sequencing data
  • Statistics education
  • Statistical Computation
  • Bayesian Methods
  • Natural Language Processing