I did it. I finally bought my own domain name. You’ll notice that the site is now dasonk.com instead of dasonk.github.io. Previously I didn’t want to have to pay a monthly fee and that’s what I thought I would have to do for a domain name. Turns out I’m an idiot and since github is already hosting my site all I needed to do was purchase the domain name. I used Hover and the site cost $12 a year (I found an online coupon to reduce the price by $3). I could have obtained the domain name for cheaper but I’ve read good things about Hover so I decided to go through them. Then it was just a matter of configuring a few things so that the github site would show up when you visit dasonk.com. I’m sure most of you know all of this but I never really cared enough to learn it and finally decided to take that step.

Now that I updated the domain name over the next few days I’m thinking I’m going to give this entire place an overhaul: new theme, new layout, make it more than just a blog…


26 April 2014